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Strep Throat Specialist

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Strep throat often comes on hard and fast, appearing suddenly and causing a severely sore throat that makes it hard to swallow. The team led by Ananth Pillai, MD, and Lilivette Rolland, MD, at Cool Kidz Pediatrics in Tampa, Florida, encourages you to seek treatment at the earliest sign of a strep throat. Getting antibiotics within 48 hours shortens your child’s sickness and quickly reduces their symptoms. To schedule an appointment, call the office, or use the online booking feature.

Strep Throat Q&A

What is strep throat?

Strep throat is caused by group A streptococcus bacteria. These bacteria cause an infection that spreads from one child to the next through sneezing, coughing, and direct contact. For example, direct contact occurs when the bacteria are on one child’s hand, they touch a toy, and then the bacteria travel to the next person who touches the toy.

What symptoms develop due to strep throat?

The symptoms of a strep throat typically appear suddenly, and the pain is often severe enough to make swallowing difficult. In addition to their sore throat, your child will develop one or more of these symptoms:

  • Red, swollen tonsils
  • White patches on their tonsils
  • Red spots at the back of your child’s mouth
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Earache
  • Nausea and/or stomach ache
  • Skin rash
  • Body aches

If your child has any of these symptoms along with a sore throat, call to schedule a same-day appointment at Cool Kidz Pediatrics.

How do strep throat symptoms vary depending on age?

Although children of all ages can develop all the classic symptoms, their primary symptoms often vary depending on their age:


Infants often have a low fever and thick or bloody nasal discharge.


Toddlers often have a fever and thick or bloody discharge like infants. However, your toddler is likely to be incredibly cranky, lose their appetite, and complain more of a stomach ache than a sore throat.

Children over the age of three

Strep symptoms get worse as kids get older. Their throat becomes more painful, and their fever may be higher.

How do pediatricians diagnose strep?

In addition to examining your throat and evaluating all your child’s symptoms, your doctor at Cool Kidz Pediatrics performs a quick strep test. They swab your child’s throat, then perform a rapid antigen test on the throat sample. This test detects strep bacteria within minutes.

If the test is negative, but your child’s symptoms are highly suggestive of strep throat, they’ll take another swab and send it to the lab. The lab technicians culture the swab to see if bacteria grow and, if so, what type of bacteria.

How do pediatricians treat strep throat?

When your child is diagnosed with strep throat, they’re treated with antibiotics. If they get antibiotics within 48 hours, the medication can shorten the duration of their sore throat, significantly reduce their symptoms, and reduce the time they’re contagious.

If you suspect your child may have strep throat, call Cool Kidz Pediatrics, or schedule an appointment online.